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Part 449: Operational Report: 28/02/43

We see Malaysia for the first time in the year, even if it is from the periscope of one of our submarines.

While the Albacore sees the Musashi off the coast of Truk.

The Japanese raid on Milne Bay causes a fair amount of damage today.

The air raids on Cox's Bazar continue today, but there are only two raids.

The battle at Akyab swings our way at least, as we have begun to grind down the Japanese forces.

The ships at Maleolap are attacked again, but there is no damage.

While the men wipe out another Japanese force, as the remains of resistance on the island slowly grinds to a halt.

The Shanghai Express makes it a second day of attacks without any hits on target.

Our men make the promised attack on Sinyang. The losses are what I expected, and are nothing to worry about long term.

We catch the Canton defence force once more, and once more send them packing.

Sinyang is going to have to continue as a stalemate it seems, but at least Maloelap should be ours in a few more days. Akyab is going well now as well, it seems that we should have the Japanese on the run once more before to long, and with the road in the area, it should see a speeding up of the conflict in the area.

Keeper Garrett posted:

I'll need a new favourite ship from one of you

25 Zaodai - REPICK

You know, when I get around to the WitE LP, I'm going to just list the units at the start, to save Time