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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 451: Operational Report: 02/03/43

The Swordfish makes an attack to the north of Japan, hitting a freighter there.

The Japanese try for Gasmata today, but our planes are still waiting for them.

The bombing of Cox's Bazar continues today, and the fighters in the area put up a good fight.

The Japanese really have taken offence to this base, but we;re making them pay for the small amount of damage they are inflicting to it.

Well, when they are not outnumbered like this.

Its the same old story at Darwin.

There is another assault on Kiangtu, but we repulse it as normal.

South of Chuhsien we see some good battles, this one and the one to the west that cost the Japanese 500 more men.

The men in Tsingtao have had some time to ready themselves, but the Japanese are on them now, and they have little chance of holding out for long.

The men at Maloelap need time to rest, today sees some heavy losses there.

Most forces are resting at this time, but we should see more action once they have reorganized themselves. I have little to do today.