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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 452: Operational Report: 03/03/43

The Flying Fish comes across a large naval force near the Marianas Islands.

Our first major raid goes into Rabaul, but the huge number of fighters there makes it a fiasco, and we won't be repeating that until we have swept the area with fighters a few times.

The Shanghai express manages to do some damage today, which is nice.

There is something wrong with the numbers here, each of the men attacking Tsingtao today is apparently worth around 100 AV. Its just as well we kill 144 of them, these supermen would cause so much harm.

More fighting in the area around Akyab, but of a much lower scale than previous days.

As I said yesterday, we're resting most formations at this time, so things will be a fair bit quieter.