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Part 453: Operational Report: 04/03/43

We're still taking fire from that Naval fortress. Why can't our men storm the thing already.

The Sailfish makes its strike on a Japanese subhunter patrol, but has only dud torpedoes to us.

The Shanghai Express makes another raid. It should be pointed out that most of the damage is coming from the flak, not the Nates, in fact five of these nine Nates are damaged by our bombers.

This is a new one, Ceylon comes under attack by Betty's, which catch a couple of ships in harbour. I'm amazed at the range of these things, I've got nothing like them.

They then get back to normal, attacking Cox's Bazar, but today they make the mistake of not sending in any fighter support.

At Swebo, a large Japanese force of two divisions and support makes an attack on our two understrength divisions. The results are only to be expected.

Port Moresby receives another bombing raid, we hold them off well enough, but I need to move more planes up I think.

Today's battle at Darwin does not go as well as it has done previously. But at least the pilot of the plane we lose gets out okay.

More fighting at Kiangtu. I'm taking steps to cut off their supply lines, but its going to be tough, the main route should be easy enough, but to the north east hex is another one that may supply some supply to the Japanese.

They also push at Nanking, and are beaten back once more.

Their assault on Tsingtao is successful however. Our losses are terrible, one in three of the men who fought there.

We conquer the undefended city of Kweiteh. But this is a pyrrhic victory compared to other losses in the country.

We took some heavy losses across the board today as the Japanese swing into action in many theatres. But how long can they keep these offensive actions up, they only have a few months of pre war supplies left now, and they have to be hurting.

Today's ship losses are fairly painful.