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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 454: Operational Report: 05/03/43

Must Silence Guns. Guns Hurt Ships.

Somehow, we get 26 planes into the air, against unescorted bombers, and we only get three kills. This is a poor showing from our boys.

At least we still have some planes in the air to deal with the next wave that comes in.

We even have some planes left to meet and drive off the third wave.

Today's assault on Kiangtu goes very wrong for the Japanese troops, with one in ten of them failing to return home.

A very quiet day today, with the exception of the skies over Cox's Bazar. But our men are resting up well, and we should be able to resume our attacks in a few days.

Here is the list of the drains on my political points, they are all moving to places where I can get rid of them, barring the subs, who don't seem to want to leave the war.