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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 455: Operational Report: 06/03/43

The Seawolf finds a Japanese tanker and makes a surface attack against her, leaving the ship burning.

Our forces at Akyab are bombed, but there is no real damage to them.

The prolonged fighting at Kiangtu is having an effect on our men's morale, even if its going our way mostly.

We make an attack at Nanking, but even with fresh troops, we can make little ground.

We try another attack at Maloelap, but it seems that we're going to need to rest the troops a little longer.

The lull continues, but I'm not complaining to much, its all good setting for later on, its only March, there is still much of the year ahead of us.

Dear Royal Navy, please note I am returning to you one battleship, slightly used.