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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 457: Operational Report: 08/03/43

The Japanese launch a night raid deep into our territory, targeting the airfield of Howrah.

The fighting in Akyab continues, and the tanks take the brunt of the fighting once more.

Gasmata is hit once more, we don't get any fighters up to contest this raid.

Not the Betty's that come after it.

The Darwin bombers go out again today, I don;t know what's motivated them, but I'm not going to complain.

This is good experience for when I actually need them, plus it'll cost the Japanese precious supplies to repair.

We also take a crack at Koepang, but with less results.

Kiangtu sees more fighting today.

We also finally cut the supply line to Nanking, driving back the Japanese forces in Pengpu with much vigor!

In Nanking itself, we continue to see some minor fighting.

Near Canton, our forces meet and drive back a sizeable Japanese force, this must be a new force from Indochina, as nothing they had in the area previously had 6000 men, nor could be called inexperienced.

This was a good day in China, we cut supply lines, and butchered an advancing force. Our bombers in Darwin are ranging out seemingly unopposed. Only the losses at Akyab are a down point, and even then, they are losses we are going to have to pay.

I'm loading troops for the invasion of Ailinglaplap, they are going to be using the newly arrived LCI ships, so this will be a good test of them. But I will need to transfer fuel to them to get them home again!