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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 458: Operational Report: 09/03/43

God dam those naval guns!

The Kaga and the Zuikaku are in the Eniwetok area, but the defenders of Enitwetok mock these flying machines, and bring one down, possibly by just staring at it.

The fleet moves off, having unloaded all their supplies, and the soldiers get to work once more, they finally start to wear down the defences, something I wish they had been able to do before now.

There are more attacks on Gasmata, damaging the runway, but causing no other damage.

The guys from Darwin are really getting their act together, the raids are getting larger all the time.

The Japanese try to put a stop to this by ending in their bombers once more, but we can hold them off from the airfield now.

The Shanghai Express makes another round trip, dropping some of their bombs on target.

Something goes right today at Akyab, as we get the best of the fighting.

There is no Japanese attack at Kiangtu today, but we keep up the pressure from our end.

I'm not sure what happened to make Akyab turn around, but I like it. China had a bit of a break day today, but thats fine, they need their rest. The carriers are a worry, but they will be gone before I could get anything into the area to face them, and our ships will be out of their range soon as well.