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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 459: Operational Report: 10/03/43

The Greenling foes after the carriers, but takes a pot shot at one of the destroyers. A dud torpedo stops any more damage being done.

I have no idea why the Zane is on fire, but she has a lucky escape from a Japanese Sub.

The carriers sail up to Eniwetok and bomb it, causing only minor damage.

The men at Maloelap need a day or two to rest it seems, so I'll give it to them.

There are more attacks on Gasmata, and I have to question the wisdom of keeping your fighter planes on the ground.

We make another raid on Rabaul, but there huge numbers of fighters stop us. I thought I'd called off all these raids, but it seems I missed one.

The Darwin bombers go out again, although I doubt that Saumlaki has any planes.

While we drive off planes trying to damage home base.

There is a large raid on Cox's Bazar, with some hard fighting in the skys, and on balance the Japanese come out on top I would say.

The fighting continues at Akyab, and we are grinding them down now.

The Shanghai Express takes down another fighter. They are terrors of the sky!

The Japanese manage to get their men to attack once more, and we counter attack, inflicting more damage on them.

We also make pushes in the south near Chuhsien.

We catch up with the Canton defense force and send them running once more.

Another day with good, if not exceptional progress. Things will continue like this for a while I'd day.