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Part 460: Operational Report: 11/03/43

There is another raid on the airfield at Howrah, and I'm not sure if I even have any planes there.

Cox's Bazar is attacked once more, but we are keeping the runway running.

The fighting at Akyab continues as normal.

There is yet another invasion of Eniwetok, which starts as well as any of the other ones.


I pay another visit to the ordinance department with my cat of nine tails, and feel better. Six torpedoes were fired, and not one explosion.
This does cause the carriers to split up though, as the daily attack on Eniwetock comes from two sources.

The men on the island take a break from downing Japanese planes to put some holes in the side of one of their ships.

What the fu......

Three battalions of marines surrender to the Japanese. This comes out of nowhere.

At least the men on Eniwetok have their new delivery of J-Rations now.

The Nates over Hiroshima get their revenge today, but the losses for this bombing campaign are remarkably light, I've been expecting the Japanese to move Zero's into the area for months now.

The bombing of Saumlaki continues today, with no defending fighters, our bombers have an easy time of it.

We launch a stunning attack on Kiangtu today, and the Japanese forces at decimated. A few more days like this and we could end this battle.

I did not like today. Today bad day. Grey no like Bad Days.

I mean, what are the chances of getting duds on a carrier and losing an invasion of an island in the same day?
Normally I'd rattle off two more turns now, but I think I'm going to leave it, the buffer stands at 7 days, and I can do 3 turns tomorrow when I'm not having a bad luck day.