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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 461: Operational Report: 12/03/43

The Japanese unload more supplies onto the beach.

Using what by now must be captured Japanese guns and shells, the 161st lay into another transport.

The carriers make another raid on the unused airfield.

The Swordfish is prowling off the coast of Japan again, and puts a fish into the side of one of the freighters she finds there.

The bombers of the Shanghai Express deliver more bombs to the target, but the fighters seem to be learning their trade.

More bombing raids are committed to Gasmata. I need to kick these pilots into action.

I mean, they could at least get shot down.

We get some measure of revenge of Saumalaki, but no plane kills.

More fighting over Cox's Bazar, which we gain the advantage in.

There are more attacks on Saumalaki, but no plane kills.

While we see off another attack on Darwin.

The Japanese make a concerted attack on Nanking, and break through our defences, but it costs them a good chunk of their attacking men.

Up in the north, we see a major Japanese attack on our forces, which they hold off well. But there are few destroyed squads, which makes this a wasted opportunity.

Our men furthest east come under attack as well, and also manage to hold off the Japanese attack.

While we continue to grind on at Kiangtu.

Well, that was a much better day than yesterday, with most of the fighting coming in once more from China.
I get rid of another of the backlogged ship.