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Part 463: Operational Report: 14/03/43

The runway at Gasmata gets another dose of bombs, the reason we're not getting any planes up is because the runway is rubble now, the Japanese know I want to use it to stage fighter support for bombing runs, so their denying it to me.

And their using all of their planes to do it.

The runway at Saumlaki must be ruined by now, so I'm going to try manually selecting the bombers targets.

Really I'd like to get the home base of these guys, not that I don't appreciate the free practice.

The Japanese continue to throw their men away at Kiangtu.

The defenders of Kweiteh continue to do well, but are running low on supplies.

Akyab starts up again, our men are rested but still disrupted, and I don't want the Japanese regaining to much strength.

I'm changing the Darwin bombers target to Dili, to see what response we get out of them there.