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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 464: Operational Report: 15/03/43

The Japanese bombers continue to reduce Gasmata to ruins.

We make our own raid, and, despite the fact that the enemy CAP consists of over fifty planes, all of our bombers return home.

We have a fantastic day above Cox's Bazar, as we down seven enemy planes with no losses on our side. I wish every day here could be like this.

The fighting leaves us with little ammunition left to deal with the second one, but we can at least protect the airfield.

At Akyab, we continue to make progress in our attacks, finally starting to take the toll on the enemy forces and destroying their squads.

The Shanghai Express makes another run, this time causing no damage to the Shipyards they target.

In what I call a bombing raid, we do our best to destroy the airfield at Dili to ruins.


The long running battle for Kiangtu continues, as the Japanese continue to throw their men away in these attacks.

To the north in Kweiteh, our forces lose one unit destroyed, but once more hold back the Japanese forces.

Things are progressing nicely. We are finally making progress in Burma at a steady rate, and hopefully we will take out another island in the Marshall's soon. Planning for the invasion of Rabaul is going well, and I'm moving some landing craft down there to use in the attack.