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Part 465: Operational Report: 16/03/43

The Japanese attention at Gasmata shifts to the port. They really are trying to prevent us from using it as a staging point for the invasion of Rabaul. Shame I'm not planning to use it as such.

More fighting over Cox's Bazar. This time the fighters take the brunt of the losses.

While the infinitely ranged Betty's make a run on a ship in Madras harbour. The ship makes it through okay, but its a warning that the Indian Sea is not a safe place to be.

We have another good day at Akyab. The enemy forces are losing a good number of their non combat troops now, meaning their having to put the cooks on the line.

Today's raid on Hiroshima is larger, as it seems that another squadron has joined in. Shame that there are no reported hits on the targets.

The Japanese decide to get rid of some more of their excess planes over Darwin again today, but take one of ours with them. The pilot, Gilchrist, bails out despite being wounded.

The Japanese carriers are still hanging around Eniwetok and bombing it, but this is nothing to the god-men defending the island.

The enemies losses at Kiangtu are especially heavy today.

Their assault at Kweiteh is furious as well, we lose our fortifications, but they lose a lot more troops. How much longer we can hold out I don't know, there are a lot more men attacking today than in previous days.

We may get a shot at the Japanese carriers if they continue to hang around like this. Its still a good few days before our ships arrive, but I can dream, can't I?

The cruiser Kuma is added to our kill list today, that's 20 more points and one less warship to worry about.