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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 466: Operational Report: 17/03/43

Inside the harbour of Colombo, two of the smallest ships in the war fight it out.

This is followed by observers reporting something breaching and sinking in the harbour. This is followed by another ship exploding.

The Japanese are deploying their midget submarines in force it seems, to deadly effect.

In fact, its an all out submarine attack, as the I-22 sails in on the surface and torpedoes one of our troop carriers! This is followed by yet another midget sub.

After this, we return to the normal routine of attacks on Cox's Bazar.

We do fairly well today, as the Japanese fighters don't seem to want to come out to play.

The evening comes, and the Submarine attacks on Colombo Harbour continue.

There are more raids today on the Gasmata port.

The Shanghai Express continues to miss its targets, I think I'll switch to industry for a while.

We strike the airfield at Dili once more, but cause little damage.

While the pilot training at Darwin continues apace.

The fighting continues at Kiangtu, as do the mounting Japanese losses.

There is another Japanese assault on Kweiteh, and the Japanese forces attacking are butchered. Our men here are holding out a hell of a lot better than I thought they would.

I've fired the man in charge of Submarine defenses at Colombo. Three mini subs and what I assume is their parent all getting into the harbour is a fiasco.

On our side, the combat ticker says we got two of the mini subs, but that's a small measure of revenge.