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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 468: Operational Report: 19/03/43

The Trusty has to evade a Japanese patrol. She takes some damage, and it reported to be leaking fuel oil.

While the Halibut makes an attack, but has only duds to use on the enemy.

The port attacks in Gasmata continue.

While we continue to hit Dili, I'll switch the target in a couple of days.

The daily raid on Cox's Bazar continue. We're stating to deal with these well now, and the losses are shifting into our direction.

We continue to make ground at Akyab, the Japanese forces are running low on supplies, and I'll try a shock attack tomorrow to see if I can really start to break them up.

Darwin is raided once more, and we see them off once more.

Our force attacking Ailinglaplap meet a strong Japanese fighter contingent.

This is not enough to stop the bombers hitting the airfield, to great effect. As well as these destroyed planes, we damage about three times as many. Taking Betty's out on the ground makes me feel good.

Unfortunately, the next wave has no fighter support, and it cut to ribbons.

We attack a Japanese force near Wuchow, sending them fleeing and reducing their numbers by nearly half.

The carriers are in action once more, no ships for them to hit, but at least we can reduce their bloody Betty's in number before our troop ships arrive in the area. The invasion force is two days or so away, so we should be ready for them.