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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 469: Operational Report: 20/03/43

The Japanese move one of their troop carriers to to northern coast of New Britain. We send out some torpedo bombers to make it feel at home.

We lose the first of the Darwin bombers today. This was bound to happen at some point, and I'm surprise we've lasted this long without losing any. The damage to the runway is mounting, and I'll switch targets in a couple of days.

The Japanese, of course, are used to losing bombers in the area.

We make more bombing runs on Ailinglaplap, breaking through their fighter screen once more.

The planes on the ground are wrecked by our attack, and we continue to ruin the airfeild.

We also make a visit to Maloelap, trying to make sure they won't be using their runway to harass our incoming ships.

The Japanese try an attack on our forces to the south of Chuhsien, which goes poorly for them.

While our own attack at Kiangtu has equal casualties, but we defiantly win in units destroyed.

The shock attack at Akyab begins, but its not as effective as I'd hoped. I'll try again tomorrow, but at least this puts our AV into the positive.

The carriers are doing their job in the Marshalls, making sure the Japanese are not going to be getting any planes into the air. Its dam nice to see the destroyed on field number go up though.