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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 473: Operational Report: 24/03/43

Gasmata is pounded again, but they are doing little damage to the port.

The ongoing air war over Cox's Bazar continues to ebb and flow.

While the defenders of Akyab continue to come apart under our attacks.

The Shanghai express goes gunning for the heavy industry in Nagasaki, but fails to get any hits. Why is it that the only thing these guys can hit is the ports?

We run into those fighters at Lautern again, and take some heavy losses. If the fighters are not going to support our bombers, then I'm going to need to change the targets again.

While the Japanese return to Darwin, with the normal results.

At Ailinglaplap, we clear out the remains of the Japanese defenders with only minimal casualties. The forces here are now going to plan for the short hope to Maloelap.

We make an other push at Kiangtu, but it looks like we're going to have to rest our men up again.

Another good day, not as good as yesterday, but we're at least making progress. We still gained 50 points on the Japanese today.