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by Grey Hunter

Part 474: Operational Report: 25/03/43

The Shanghai Express finally get their bomb sights to work, and get a hit on the Japanese heavy industry.

The Japanese make an attack on Nanking, but we're not seeing any supply problems yet. Are they shipping them in over the river? Do I need to send troops there? Or are the men in Kiangtu holding open the line.

Outside of Akyab the Japanese forces are forced to retreat at last. Their losses are crippling, and our men will be hot on their heels. The next stop is Prome to the south.

that was a quiet but satisfying day. I did miss screen-shotting out bomber out of Darwin getting shot up, but there was very little combat across the Pacific today.
But Akyab makes up for that.

Although from these reports, the Japanese moved men up to support the men who just retreated south, so the battle is not over as I thought it would be. Another attack goes in tomorrow, we'll try and finish it then.