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Part 476: Operational Report: 27/03/43

The port at Gasmata takes a fairly good hammering today. Its a shame for the Japanese that I don't plan on using it.

We have a good day above Cox's Bazar, 67 Squadron having to bring down five enemy planes without losing any of their own.

We switch targets back to Dili, and get some hits without losing a huge numbers of planes, I'd love to hit the main base, but without fighter support, its not going to happen.

The Japanese can't seem to get their heads around the “not bombing the are a protected by crack fighter pilots” idea however – not that I'm complaining.

We lose our last base in Indochina, I'm amazed its taken the Japanese this long to make this attack. I can only assume that they were resting up their men before the attack.

We retake Kweitah from the enemy without a fight.

We trade bases in China, and see the normal air combat in the rest of the theatre. So a normal day in the Pacific.
The Japanese score stays the same today, and we break the 30,000 mark, the last week has seen us gaining on the Japanese by a small amount every day, which makes a nice change. But we're not going to see any major shifts any time soon I think.

I also get rid of the submarine Dolphin, so more Political Points for me!

nimby posted:

How's the morale doing, Grey Hunter? Still happy to go through till the end of the war, 3 years from now?

Morale at PACCOM is high, The buffer currently runs to the 7th of April, and the dates 4th-8th will involve a holiday. (cover will be needed for those days)

PACCOM has also booked a sightseeing tour of the Chinese Battlefields for September, although the then Mrs PACCOM may limit it to sites of historical interest & good eating.

Seeing out the end of the war is looking good, shame the same cannot be said for OKW, as current projections show a especially hard winter and fiercer Russian opposition may cause the cancellation of Barbarossa.