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Part 477: Operational Report: 28/03/43

The poor weather over Nagasaki means our bombers cannot find their targets, and the Japanese industry spends another day unmolested.

The bombing of Dili continues. As we give the Japanese the treatment of destroying a most likely unused airfield.

We have another fay of bombing over Cox's Bazar, and this unescorted raid is seen off.

Both sides at Kiangtu have been resting up for the last few days, but the Japanese break the unofficial truce with another of their unspectacular attacks. #

We also make an attack near Chuhsien, which goes fairly well.

Things have really settled down for now. Planning for the Rabaul invasion continues, but is still at least a month away from going into action. Most of our other forces are marching around.
We get four ships in the ops report today, a destroyer and two transports from January this year, and a freighter from last year.

I also get rid of another submarine, the Cuttlefish, two in two days! Things are really looking up in Washington/London/Shanghai/every other captial.

Zebrin posted:

Enjoy your self, and congratulations on the end of all freedom.
So, what general area are you going to in China? Shanghai area?

Shanghai, Beijing and Xan are the planned destinations, in 8 days its going to be hectic but hopefully great fun.