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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 478: Operational Report: 29/03/43

Why is it that every time we see a Japanese submarine hit its target, that target is a tanker?

Also, where is the net of sub hunters? Asleep? Whoring? Just hiding in a corner.

I mean, seriously!

We see the Japanese bomber make hectic runs against our advancing forces, trying to slow them down.

This is of course alongside the normal raids on Cox's Bazar.

I'm resupplying Shortlands, and the Japanese take offence to this, but their level bombers cannot hit our ships.

A clearer day over Nagasaki allows our bombers to hit the enemy industry.

There is another attack on Kiangtu, and we see them off in fine fashion. Then we counter attack to make sure they know who's boss around here.

Near the Gobi desert, a large Japanese force takes Paotow from us, but despite having nearly ten times our numbers, we make them pay for it.

To the west, we catch up with another of those Japanese remnants, and hit them hard once more.

We lost two tankers today, which is an annoyance, but everywhere else is progressing well. The Enterprise and the Yorktown have arrived back at Pearl, and will, after a couple of days patch up repairs, head down to Suva with a load of troops ready for the invasion of Rabaul.