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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 479: Operational Report: 30/03/43

There is a large raid on Cox's Bazar today, as the Japanese send seventy fighters to defend thirty bombers. It doesn't do them much good however.

Near Madras, the Japanese find one of the few supply convoys that brave the waters.

We hit Dili once more, and deal some more damage to the runway.

While we make the Japanese pay once more for their repeated visits to Darwin. Reid is the pilot shot down, and he escapes with wounds.

The bomber raids on Shortlands have much better aim today, putting two bombs into one of our ships.

A large Shanghai Express raid over Nagasaki today brings down an enemy fighter, but fail to hit any industry.

Out of nowhere, there is moment in the southern china front. The attacks on Wuhu have been going on for a while now, with casualties less than 100 a day on both days. But today the Japanese are forced to quit the city.

There is no such luck at Kiangtu, but at least we cause some nice losses on the Japanese.

I'm not going to turn down taking another base, its now time to begin chasing those retreating Japanese troops down, another long slow process unfortunately.

Our ship losses have been high the last few days.