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Part 480: Operational Report: 31/03/43

The Swordfish picks off the escort ship of a convoy.

Unfortunately, she then loses the convoy, and does not make any more attacks on it today.

The Shanghai Express makes another successful run on the factories of Nagasaki.

There are more raids on the Gasmata port today.

As well as more attacks on our ships, the San Lucas, still burning from yesterday's attacks, makes for a good target.

There is another raid on Dili, and we're going in in good numbers.

The pattern of Kiangtu continues.

That's two days in a row where we have inflicted 1,500 casualties, but still we cannot get their numbers below 15,000.

A fairly dull day, no real advances nor any mistakes. The South Dakota is five days from being ready at Pearl, so the carriers will wait for it before heading out.

At Ailiolaplap, we're loading most of the troops up for another invasion of Maloelap, third time lucky!