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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 483: Operational Report: 03/04/43

As predicted, the Japanese begin to drop more supplies on to Eniwetok.

Dawn arrives and our gunners go into action with their customary efficiency.

The forces landed on the ground are quickly and efficiently cleaned up.

The Shanghai Express gets off a larger raid today, and get a hit on their targets.

We continue to hit Dili, if nothing else its good practice for our pilots.

There is an unescorted bomber raid over Cox's Bazar, annoyingly, we only manage to get one of the attackers.

This is followed by an escorted raid that sees no less than ten of our fighters flee from combat.

Kiangtu sees the Japanese numbers back up to 15,000 but we break through their defensive lines here, so tomorrow should be easier.

We retake a base in Indochina, without losses of course.

Ah, Eniwetok, What other place could continually give us a Japanese unit a month destroyed?