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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 485: Operational Report: 05/04/43

We strike hard at the Akagi, damaging her engines and causing her to take on water.
At Gasmata, the Japanese switch back to hitting the runway rather than the port.

The runway is cratered deeply, but that is no real problem for me.
The Thresher runs into a Japanese sub protecting a convoy of some sort, and it attacked with depth charges.

The Shanghai Express continues the death of a thousand cuts on Nagasaki's heavy industry.

Dili is hit once more, levelling the runway once more.

I wonder what’s up with the Indian pilots, they've been rubbish the last few days.

Deep in Burma, we lose one of the bases we hold there as the Japanese launch an assault. I plan on taking it back however, as there are plenty of other forces in the region.

The force we have in northern China runs into a Japanese unit today, there are casualties on both sides, and I can't see how this will play out long term.

Ah, a nice day, any time a enemy carrier takes damage its going to be a nice day. I'm also back into positive political points as well!