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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 487: Operational Report: 07/04/43

Our submarines continue what has been a fantastic few days.

Our carriers pass close to Baker Island, and bomb the runway there. I may look into dispatching a few troops to take this base, depending on its value, of course.

The Shanghai Express continues to ply its trade over Japan.

The Japanese try for our supply ships unloading at Shortlands, but fail to get any hits.

That carrier is still patrolling near Ceylon, but with only surface ships to go after her, there is little I can do.

We see some more combat in the Chuhsien region.

But we all know the big show in China is Kiangtu, and I feel the end is in sight here.

Sinyang is going to take some of that attention however.

the key word here is Supply. They are low on supplies, and while we are not rich in them, our massive numbers of troops mean that after nearly a year, this battle may be winnable at last!

China is beginning to heat up again. Looking at Baker Island, its only worth 2 points, so I will continue to bypass the Japanese there.