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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 489: Operational Report: 09/04/43

We detect another submarine near Cylon. At least this is outside the harbour this time.

Over Cox's Bazar, we see another eave of Japanese bombers, who we are able to attrit somewhat before they hit the airfield.

It seems that the enemy have left only a few units to stop us advancing south. – 2 Divisions by the information given, but only 4,000 men in total.

Make that 40 men. Sorry, my maths was a little old.

Dammit, I forgot to cancel the Dili raids once more.

The Japanese finally respond to the Shanghai Express, they launch a raid on the cities packed airfield, wrecking eight of our bombers and the runway.

They also attack our forces near Tsinan.

The butchery at Kiangtu continues apace, things are getting worse and worse for the Japanese forces here now.

While Sinyang continues to be its own, special form of blood bath.

The Burma advance continues, while things get bloody once more in China. The bombing raid was a surprise, and it seems that the Japanese are redistributing their bombers.

The raid cost us 17 bombers, while we have many more than we need there, if this turns into a long term campaign, then we could see some problems.

The troops are loaded at Ailingalaplap, and may go into action tomorrow.