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Part 490: Operational Report: 10/04/43

The Scorpion takes out another Japanese ship.

Guess what I forgot again.

Shanghai is hit once more, this time the Japanese bombers are coming in at night. We lose another bomber, and I doubt the runway is going to be much use after this.

Near Chuhsien, the Japanese make an attack on our forces, but take heavy losses.

To the east, we make our own attack, which is much more successful.

Kiangtu continues to see heavy Japanese losses, their down to 12,000 men now!

Sinyang has another bloody day as I try a shock attack. The Japanese are low on supplies, but I shall give our troops a few days rest before restarting the deliberate attacks.

The Japanese continue their retreats as we cut the Nanking supply line further north.

Although at this time, we are the ones who are having supply problems in the city.

There is more fighting in the skies above Cox's Bazar.

The forces arrive at Maloelap, and god dam, if forgot how devastatingly those guns are.

Though this fierce fire, we manage to only get a few thousand men ashore, but they still make a good account of themselves, wiping out another of the Japanese units defending this thorn in my side.

A brutal day of fighting there, which for the most part went our way.
That's with the exception of the huge amounts of damage dealt out at Maloelap.

Pretty battleships go burny.

Waits for nerd rage