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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 494: Operational Report: 14/04/43

We lose another ship to prowling subs off Ceylon.

At least the I-16 has to to circle around and use another four torps.

There is more fighting over Cox's Bazar, and it really looks like we're getting the better hand against all those enemy squadrons.

Well, in the raids where we can get planes up that is, the Japanese have many more fighters in the area than we do, and can hit us in huge waves – luckily for us they don't most of the time.

Deep in Burma, the Imperial 51st Division meets two of our divisions, we attack their much larger force, and make good ground.

The monster Betty's make another pass at our Shortlands supply ships, but are unable to hit them, at least we've killed off all the good pilots over the last year.

The attacks on Shanghai have done little to stop our bombers – on fact, today’s raid is larger than normal.

The carriers hit Eniwetok once more, but for this avails them little, and we nab one of their planes with flak.

Our forces take Haichow without a fight, finally cutting off three of the enemy bases south of it. This is a large enemy force that we can now start to starve.

We continue to crack their forces at Kiangtu, who are down down below 11,000 men and falling fast.

I hate Betty bombers, with a full and ever burning hatred that would melt polar ice caps.

To appease the politicians, I get rid of the cruiser Dauntless, two escort ships and a sub – this should really help me with my political points. I have another cruiser to sort out, but its going to take some time to move.

I've ordered another squadron to upgrade to Hellcats, but they only have 13 planes – the main limit on the upgrades now is the production of the new planes - we're getting 130 a month.