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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 499: Operational Report: 19/04/43

The Japanese start the day by bombarding Gasmata once more, taking out another parked and useless plane.

Our advancing forces on the west coast of Burma are attacked by Bettys, they take no losses and bag one of the attackers to boot.

This air support, ineffective as it is, does absolutely nothing to stop our men from shredding the few Japanese soliders left in their way, once more the Advance south can continue without worry.

Deep in Burma, our forces come under attack by the much larger Japanese Division once more, but they continue to hold off the enemy.

Once more I am amazed at the resilience of the Japanese soldiers at Kiangtu, they keep on going when they are taking horrendous losses every day.

Our advance into Indochina once continues to be slowed by a single Japanese unit – we will brerak through, it will just take a little time.

The Burma stack is ordered to march south once more, one hex and forty miles closer to Prome. I'm expecting to meet resistance once we reach that point, but for now, things are going very well in Burma.
With the arrival of the ships damaged at Maleolap, I will now give you the list of damaged ships requested two weeks ago (or yesterday when this update was written).

While this list doesn't include smaller ships or civilian ships, it covers everything of interest. Pearl is overloaded, but as most of the damage to the battleships is superficial, and I'm now moving the California and the Tennessee to the west coast with some destroyer escorts to allow the less damaged ships to recover.