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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 500: Operational Report: 20/04/43

The Japanese continue to try and disrupt our advancing forces, but the massed flak our boys put up damage all but one of the attacking planes.

Deeper in the depths of the Jungle, our men continue to make the Japanese pay for their foolish attacks – don't they know they should be in retreat?

The Japanese super stack, now properly numbered at 160,000 men, brushes aside one of our Corps.

We really need to get the Kiangtu situation sorted, I need these men out of here and ready to deal worth the massed Japanese forces to the north. At least we have broken 10,000 men here, so the end really should be in sight – then again, I've been saying that for weeks.

The Nanking battle continues to tick over, taking out Kiangtu would allow me to properly starve these out.

The small force we have operating in the north begins to attack another town, they are doing a good job of forcing Japanese forces to march around trying to catch them.

We continue to try and advance into Indochina, but the Japanese force in the way will not retreat.

That superstack is worrying, 160,000 men could make a mess of any point of my line, and I don;t have the troops to try and break it up.
I'm going to open up an old front, which is going to be bloody, but its something that it needing to be done.

Nanchang has 78,000 Japanese and 85,000 of our own forces, and has been static for a year now. They forces here should be low on supplies, and we need to free up these forces. This is a major static concentration of Japanese forces deep behind our lines.

I've also sent the carriers north towards Rabaul, its time to start softening up the target and getting some more information on the area we're about to assault.