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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 501: Operational Report: 21/04/43

After a good few days off, the Japanese are back for the runway at Cox's Bazar, we're ready for them, and stop them reaching the field.

Unfortunately, the normal story repeats itself, as we have to few planes ready to meet the next wave.

Nor the third wave, which at least loses a plane to flak.

in the afternoon, they try for our advancing troops once more, with no success, the jungle making targeting hard.

The Shanghai express gets three planes into the air, and they find the Nates have been replaced by Oscars, but they cannot stop our bombers from getting a few bombs on target.

To the south of Chuhsien, the forces there continue to batter away at each other, but neither side is making much headway.

While the forces at Kiangtu continue to hammer the Japanese, but still they refuse to break – how can they lose 30 squads a day and not break? These are the Japanese equivalent of our Eniwetok forces!

I also remember why we never attacked at Kiukiang.

Level 5 forts. I'll try for a couple more days to break through, and if not, then we'll have to go for a starvation/stalemate situation.

In the north, we take one another city. Lets see how long we can hold this one before 30,000 Japanese troops arrive.

With most of our action currently in Burma and China, I hope that the carriers arriving near Rabaul will give us a little more variety in the next few days.

I've also begun recon of Rabul. So far I know they have 10 units and 127 ships there. Lets hope the carriers can do some damage to that.