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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 502: Operational Report: 22/04/43

The Skipjack continues to show something we're not used to, effective torpedoes.

The Japanese anti sub ships have a good day with the Trusty, and I'll need to check to see what the real damage is.

Our men at Shortlands have been resting up for a week, and go back into action today, taking a line of enemy fortifications, and moving the conquest of the island one step closer.

There is more fighting over Cox's Bazar, and we cannot get the planes into the air to make any dent in the Japanese forces.

We do do a hell of a lot better in the afternoon, as it seems that most of our pilots were having a lie in.

The Shanghai Express makes another Nagasaki run, but is unable to get any hits, but they take no damage, so all is good.

A second wave of Widowmakers comes in lower, and takes damage from the fighters and flak, losing us two planes.

The Japanese forces south of Chuhsien make another pointless attack on our forces, taking the losses expected for these things. If only we could wait out the Japanese attacks – over a period of years, we would remove the entire Japanese manpower reserve this way!

The massive Japanese force arrives in Suchow, and out forces are forced to retreat in disarray. This is our largest concentration of troops in the north, and if they cannot hold, we have no chance of stopping this massive Japanese force anywhere else.

The battle for Kiangtu continues to see heavy Japanese losses. It also sees them continue to hold.

The second attack goes in to Kiukiang, and our men (or their limbs) rain down off the wall of fortifications. It is now time to surround the area and try and starve them for a while.

The Indochina forces clear the way for their advance on Hanoi.

A fairly busy day at last! The battles in China go our way, with the exception of that huge stack of Japanese solider. My only hope for this is that it either splits up, or allow itself to get cut off. Otherwise, I may see a reversal of fortunes in the Chinese theater.

We get three AK's on the Ops report, and the Japanese merchant marine sinks once more.