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by Grey Hunter

Part 503: Operational Report: 23/04/43

The Japanese try for Shanghai airfield once more – they do some damage, but we bag a number of their Betty's as they try.

After our two days of attacking in Kiukiang, the Japanese try their own attack, all this serves to do is redress the balance of losses a little.

We take another regiments worth off troops off the Japanese at Kiangtu, but we still see them being reinforced to replace the bulk of these losses.

The Shanghai Express gets another hit on the Nagasaki industry.

Although there is little fighting at Shortlands, we are still able to take another line of Japanese defences.

I'm not that bothered with the raids on Shanghai, they don't seem to be causing any long term damage, and we're costing them supplies. Also our bombers seem to do a lot better on days when their airfield has been hit.