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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 504: Operational Report: 24/04/43

The Japanese try and sneak one of their mini subs into Pearl Harbor, but our ships are waiting for them.

Its afternoon before the parent sub is seen, but she to is engaged, after she misses with her shots.

An unescorted bomber wave goes into Cox's Bazar, and our planes go up to meet it.

We see another raid on Rabaul, this one made by a few of our Beuforts on a ship found in the harbour there.

The last of the fortifications at Shortlands fall to our troops, its now time to step up the attacks and secure this base once and for all.

The Seawolf is patrolling off Japan, and misses killing a destroyer because of our friend, the dud torpedo.

The Japanese make another attack at Kiukiang, losing several thousand more men – hopefully I can keep them doing this.

We continue to hammer the Imperial forces at Kiangtu, taking out more squads.

We should be seeing carrier action tomorrow, as the ships are now moving up past Guadalcanal. Apart from that and some heavier action at Shortlands, I really don't have much more to say.

The current reports for Rabaul show 15,000 men in 10 units, 141 ships but only 14 aircraft. This is obviously wrong, I expect 150-200 aircraft of various types.
This one could be fun.