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Part 505: Operational Report: 25/04/43

Another of our subs comes under depth charge attack.

The Beuforts make another attack on Rabaul, this time their sights are set on two carriers in the port, there are no hits unfortunately, but at least they were only met by 2 fighters – maybe the reports of only a few aircraft are right, and the Japanese are abandoning the base?

They try again in the afternoon, and are rewarded by setting one of the tankers alight – and glory be! Its the large one! They also hit a cargo ship below the waterline, which will either sink or take forever to repair.

Our carriers find a couple of cruisers patrolling off the eastern short of Shortlands, and set to them.

They come back for them in the afternoon, and the Kiso is it once again.

The men at Shortlands need time to rest, but they have removed all enemy fortifications, so they should be able to move forwards quickly once they are reformed.

The Shanghai Express makes another pass over Nagasaki, but there are no new reports of damage to the industry.

There is another day of fighting over Cox's Bazar, we are able to bring down a couple of their bombers as they come in without escort once more.

They don't seem to want to use any fighters today, and I reap the benefits.

The deep units are attacked again, we continue to hold though.

The Japanese continue their attacks on Kiukiang, and we continue to se them take heavy losses, although their destroyed squads are low.

The Japanese superstack smashes our forces in the north aside, and we lose two units as they do so.

Our Indochina forces are attacked, over half of the attackers are taken out, and I shall be ordering our men to attack tomorrow.

The Kiangtu report comes in as normal, with heavy Japanese losses by no change in combat abilities.

That tanker hit was nice, I expect to be hearing that she sank in a few months, we also damage two warships, so I doubt that anyone can say that the invasion of Rabaul, or at least the preparatory steps , is going well.

The Kiso is on our kill list, and I think that’s likely, but we're not going to get the points for some time yet.

If you guys really want me to call off the Rabaul operation I will, just say so.
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