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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 510: Operational Report: 30/04/43

The Japanese avoid our fighters by attacking Shanghai at night. The damage at least is minimal.

The Japanese forces at Nanking make an attack on our troops, and we knock them back.

North of Kiangtu we send a Japanese force fleeing, helping us to cut the city off.

While in the city, we continue to cause them damage.

A Japanese sub is attacked and driven off near Victoria today.

They harry it for hours, not letting the crew get away easily.

In fact, they are able to keep the attack up, on and off, all day.

Our carriers have moved into a position where they can defend Gasmata somewhat. We cannot prevent the damage to the airbase, but we can at least take out some of the attackers.

We strike Rabaul once more, setting a couple more ships on fire and hitting the runway once more.

The new Japanese carrier makes an attack on Rio-Namur, hitting the port and runway there.

Katha repels another Japanese assault, but I'm not sure how long they will be able to hold out.

Not much to say today, the carriers are going to stay on station for another day, then return for resupply, before going out again.

Gah, Waffleimages has finally eaten my Strategic planning banner. that's only going to screw up 500 or so updates.