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Part 511: Operational Report: 01/05/43

There are more night flights over Cox's Bazar, but the Japanese bombers are unable to cause any damage to our facilities.

Of course, they attack during the day as well, but these planes have to run the gauntlet of our fighters.

The battle at Katha will only last a few more days before our men are forced to retreat.

Rabaul seems to be emptying out, the Coastwatchers now report only 52 ships in harbour, where it was in the 120's just a few days ago. Gasmata still gets a visit from the Betties however.

These fleeing ships are not going to get far however, as our carriers are in position to pick them off.

Between Lae and Buna a regiment of Japanese troops, who have been quiet for months now, suddenly launch and attack.

They are beaten back, but I can only assume that they have received new supplies from the ships that have slipped through the air net in the area, and know there is no other way out for them.

The two carrier groups combine their attacks today, but all it nets them is one less Val and one more pilot trapped on Eniwetock.

Kiangtu continues on, and the Japanese defenders refuse to break and run.

Its a shame that the carriers need to return to base now, I do think we're going to miss the chance to score some more kills. The fact it that over a week of operations has left them with no torpedoes and few sorties left. They also need to replace some planes.

Its a real shame though.

Its that time of the month ago, graphs that prove how badly I'm doing.

The change in points for the month has been a grand total of 166 – in our favour. Thats right, after a whole month of fighting, were bugger all closer to the enemies score total.
But at least its positive.

The amount of real estate controlled has not changed at all – well, it has, but the total number of bases controlled has not changed.

the Japanese continue to lead in the value of this land as well, although it does seem to fluctuate a fair bit.

during the fighting, we have lost 491 points this month, while the Japanese losses mount to a high 680 – nearly 50% more!

We lost a grand total of two ships this month, while we sunk or confirmed sunk 16 of the enemies. These total 165 points for our own 22 points. This is one area of the war that’s defiantly going in my favour.

Up unto this point, we have lost 832 ships, while we have confirmed 586 Japanese ships sunk, while the real total is likely to be much higher.

The number of aircraft losses is still in our favour, but that’s of little interest.

Oh look, The territory map is back, even if its not changed all that much.