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Part 512: Operational Report: 02/05/43

With the exception of a couple for uncontested fighter sweeps, the first action we see today is this small raid on Rabaul. This is only interesting for the lack of defensive fighters, it seems that the skies above this prize are now ours.

One of the carrier groups delves a bit deeper, making an attack on Ro-Namur.

The other group is near Eniwetok, but also hits Roi-Namur.

Amazingly, all of this bombardment of Eniwetok has been the precursor to another invasion!

Our men butcher these men as they come assure, but are surprised to find out that they were assaulted by a Garrison unit!

Things must be worse in Japan than I thought.

There is more action over Cox's Bazar, as we take some more Betties for a Hurricane.

Kiangtu takes another chunk off the Japanese forces – their experience levels are low now, as all the veterans must be dead by now, and these are the fresh troops the Japanese seem to be magically able to deliver each night.

Another assault on Eniwetok is driven off, but we nab no more ships as our carriers return home. China is quiet at this time, barring Kiangtu of course.

I've ordered some men from Guadalcanal – good British troops – to move to that base above Shortlands and give the Yanks a hand securing what could be a useful airbase/staging point.