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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 514: Operational Report: 04/05/43

Once more the Japanese raid Cox's Bazar. We take some more runway damage, but take out some more fighters.

This is the start of a major campaign, as multiple raids come in one after another.

I also need to get some fighters to Madras. As they Betties attacking here will be in for a surprise if they had to fight someone.

With at Katha, our forces continue to hold.

The runway at Gasmata gets another visit from the Bettys. The runway is heavily pounded, and one of the grounded fighters is destroyed.

The British and Australian forces from Guadalcanal arrive at Shortlands, and begin landing their troops.

The Shanghai Express gets into the air once more, and gets another hit on the industrial might of Japan.

It looks like I gave Kiangtu another day off. I'm also going to send our men at Shortlands into action tomorrow. After that I want to use the base as a airfield for the bombing of Rabaul.

I have given orders for the Shanghai Express to try bombing the Japanese superstack, as people have been asking me to do. Lets see what effect that has. I'm also sending a large number of bombers out from the West Coast. I've wanted to do this for a good long while, but have not had the political points to do so.