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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 515: Operational Report: 05/05/43

There are more strikes on Cox's Bazar today, as the Japanese seem to be building up their forces for a strike here.

Some of the raids go poorly for us.

While others go well for us.

At Katha, we have the worst result that we could, as the remnants of two divisions surrender to the Japanese.

Shanghai is attacked today. Our fighters put up a good fight, but the airfield is severely damaged, and the densely packed planes there are easy targets.

The Shanghai Express makes its first ground attack, its only six planes, but it causes some damage.

The enemy forces at Kaingtu have recovered somewhat in the last few days, but its not enough to stop us dealing them large amounts of damage.

In the north I have begun to attack Chengchow – the aim here is to draw off some of the supersstack north.

Some of our planes pass over Rabaul, but report causing no damage that will support the war effort.

The arrival of Commonwealth forces (although I'm not sure the term is correct at this time) at Shortlands immediately changes the face of the battle, and we secure the base.

We have a mixed day, the loss of two divisions is a pain, but we now have Shortlands with the bombers and fighters on the way. We lost 120 points overall today, so lets hope we don't have to many other days like this.

I've transferred a load of the Darwin bombers to Port Moresby, they will support the bombing campaign of Rabaul.