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by Grey Hunter

Part 516: Operational Report: 06/05/43

What the!

What is a Japanese cruiser force doing heading towards Pearl harbour? Does this contain carriers or something?
Also - dud.

Yep, carriers. Time to mobilize some defence for Pearl, but there are only three escort carriers there at this time.

There is another minor raid on the superstack.

We knock down another 1,500 men at Kiangtu.

To the north, we send another Japanese force running, and I shall be turning these men south to try and secure the bases around Kiangtu.

Our advancing forces in Burma are bombed, but their flack guns claim a victim to balance the books.

We continue to clean up the enemy formations at Shortlands.

Time to get ready for the arrival of that carrier. I'm not going to sally out with my three escort carriers, because that would be stupid.

Although the battleships are now ready for a sally if the Japanese decide to get closer tomorrow.