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War in the Pacific

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Part 518: Operational Report: 08/05/43

There are more attacks on Gasmata, but the damage doesn’t really matter.

We strike at Rabaul, and though we get a good number of bombers into the air, we cause no real damage. But its a start, at least we're in the air and not getting shot down in huge numbers.

The Japanese try for Coxs Bazar once more, but without fighters we cause them some casualties.

There is another attack by Japanese forces south of Chushien, but they don't make any progress.

We lose Weihsien to a much larger Japanese force, but our northern forces are just here to tie up as many Japanese troops as possible.

In Indochina our advancing force runs right into the face of a large Japanese force, and come off badly.

On last Kiangtu report, just for posterity. The grave diggers there are demanding reinforcements and double overtime.

It looks like the Kaga has run like the wind, as we have not even seen her planes today. There was a real lull after the massed combat yesterday.