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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 519: Operational Report: 09/05/43

The Shanghai Express makes another disruption raid on the enemy superstack.

In the north,on of our smaller forces is sent running.

With no Kiukiang reports to give out, I have reopened Sinyang. This time I have completely surrounded the city, and will begin to grind the enemy down. Already they are low on supplies, and I am sure we can win this battle now.

We hit Rabaul once more, we take out a plane, hit the runway and some troops. But their so packed down there, how could we miss?

The bombing of Rabaul is really building up now, and I'm moving more planes to Shortlands to aid it some more.
The attacks in Sinyang will continue to grind the enemy down, this has to long been a stalemate!

Sorry about the lack of replies, but I'm at the inlaws, they don't have wifi and this computer is like its made of leaves.
I blame all the virgin stuff they have installed, but I can't convince them to let me rip the things out and put some working software on.