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Part 52: Operational Report: 27/01/42

The Permit misses a chance to sink a large Japanese tanker due to her faulty torpedoes.

Java suffers its first land based raid of the war. The packed port of Batavia is raked by the attacking Nell bombers.

The afternoon raid puts another ship to the bottom of the harbour.

The CAP over Singapore is now nearly none existent, and it may be time to pull the squadrons based there back towards Soerabaja.

After the costly battles yesterday, the enemy returns to their bombardments today.

The raids over Bataan continue to increase in size and frequency, but the flack stations there have a much easier time of hitting things. Even if they don't bring anything down, the repair bill for these squadrons must be hell.

There is another landing in Mindanao, as the enemy bypass weeks of walking to get our southernmost harbour in the Philippines.

They quickly seize the base from the native troops and gain near complete control of the area.

With no ships left to sink, the planes off our carriers strike the facilities at wake, causing some damage to the airport there.

The I-21 hits one of our Fiji bound transports, while the first torpedo is a dud, the second explodes, damaging the ship. She later succumbs to this damage and sinks.

at Efate, our troops storm ashore, taking far less casualties than those who landed at Luganville last week. We are already learning our lessons in amphibious warfare.

Another fair nonentity of a day, a relaxing change from the worry over what the carriers may run into and sink.

I have nothing else to say, as the rest of today was spent doing book keeping work.