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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 520: Operational Report: 10/05/43

We start the day well at Cox's Bazar, bagging a good number of planes.

We lose one to an unescorted Nick wave, but take on back in return.

The Shanghai Express gives the Japanese superstack another good pasting.

We get two raids off today, and lets hope it keeps rising.

The Indochina force is sent fleeing back by a Japanese attack, it seems to be a good idea to avoid any more pushes in this direction for a while.

At Sinyang, we lose a load more men, our AV has dropped by 240, while there has dropped by 70, lets see how this plays out for the next few days.

We hit Rabaul once more today, the damage may well be minimal, but its going to cost them a good deal in supplies.

The Betties forgo hitting Gasmata today for Wau on the main peninsula, but we have planes in the area that make it an expensive mistake.

I need those carriers in action, but they have needed to head back to Sydney, as Suva cannot properly supply them.

Of interest is Chengchow, which we retook a couple of days ago.

That half the supplies in all of China, and a major haul. I've sent a transport plane there to try and ship some of them south.

Of interesting news is the planned fleet action of Shanghai. Also Sinyang is ours, the Japanese never took it, and never retreated.