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by Grey Hunter

Part 521: Operational Report: 11/05/43

We hit Rabaul again, it feels dammed good to be giving out a hammering like this day after day – we've been hit constantly for a year now, and we're finally giving it out.

The Shanghai express are going about their business, it seems that troops are easier to hit than industrial targets.

Our Indochina force is attacked once more, but these troops do nothing but die in droves.

South of Chuhsien we strike the enemy hard – this is another of those eternal battles I really need to clean up.

Sinyang continues to see heavy losses, but we're starting to see them levelling out a bit now, this seems to be the pattern for large scale assaults like this, and the adjusted assault values are slipping into our favour.

Not much to mention, but I'm confident at Sinyang now, their AV is dropping, and their lack of supplies will end the battle that has been going on for so long. Its not going to be a quick battle, but we can afford to rest now and then – they cannot.

ScottyJSno posted:

Are you telling me movies and video games lied to me?

That it happened at all is scary enough.