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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 522: Operational Report: 12/05/43

There's a whole load of wasted ordinance at Rabaul.

There is also a small Betty raid at Shortlands, we have no fighters here yet, but they are coming.

We're still cleaning up the troops on the ground, but manage to wipe one of the units out today.

There is another sub detected off the coast of Canada .

The fighting near Chusien continues, there are two main areas, and I can't finish either.

We retake Haichow again, these troops are not going to sit around and will march to Suchow next, I'm trying to keep that superstack marching around burning supplies.

Sinyang sees another lopsided day of casualties, but the odds are still 1:1, and the Japanese are low on supplies and shattered.

We also have a poor day at Nanking, I'm now assuming that the Japanese are boating supplies across the river.

China is heating up again, and everywhere else is in stasis, so I'm planning another invasion of Wake to keep us interested! I'll give them a week of planning before launching the assault, with escort carrier support.