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War in the Pacific

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Part 523: Operational Report: 13/05/43

The runway at Shanghai gets a good plastering today, the Japanese are obviously worried about my awesome concentration of bombers.

This does not stop the Express from going out and causing havoc however.

Sinyang sees the modifier slip in the Japanese favour, I shall rest the troops here for a couple of days. Any replenishment the Japanese do will be short term, and will eat into their supplies rapidly.

This really is the Chinese Stalingrad.

We hit Rabaul again, doing some more minor damage to the runway. There are still no fighters here to defend the port, and its almost like the Japanese are giving up on the base.

One of the smaller raids is more effective than the larger raid, which is how it goes sometimes.

At Shortlands, we continue to wittle down the remaining defenders there. There is only a construction force left here now, but their dug in deep.

There is another attack on Cox's Bazar today, but we don't let them get near the runway.

We now have level 6 fortifications at Port Moresby, and I think it may be time to stop wasting supplies on them now.
The carriers reach Sydney tomorrow, so will be heading north to raid Rabaul once more!
Lets have a quick look at those battleships in the Marshalls.

Nope, still broken. At least their speed has improved from 1 and 2 knots.